The old adage goes that good things come to those who wait. For Jack Middleton, that saying rang true this year.

Middleton, an attorney with McLane, Graf, Raulerson and Middleton of Manchester with 50 years experience that has spent 24 years as a New Hampshire District Court Judge, had applied for a moose permit for 20 years without success. Then, this year, he was informed that his application was one of the few that were drawn for the moose hunt this season.

Middleton made the best of his luck as he now gets to claim the record for bagging the moose with the biggest rack after having his bull measured by state officials and recording a width of 68.5 inches.

Middleton, who was hunting wit his son Peter, and guide Dustin Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services, took the bull in the woods outside of the town of Dixville.

The rack was measured at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Moose Check-In Station at the Berlin Fish Hatchery. The moose was estimated at being at the prime of its life at 9 ½ years old.

Middleton’s moose had almost the exact same measurements as the moose it beat out of the record books, taken in 1996. According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game website, that moose was also 9 ½ years old and was 68 inches wide. Middleton’s moose was 775 pounds dressed, while the former record holder was 785 pounds. Middleton’s moose had 25 points and a drop tine while the former record holder had 22 tines.

The largest bull moose in size in New Hampshire was 1,040 pounds, dressed. It was taken in 1993 and was expected to weigh in at over 1,400 pounds for its live weight. The largest cow ever taken was dressed at 815 pounds. It was also taken in 1993.

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