No Alcohol and No Hunting on Connecticut Sundays

Posted by admin On January - 11 - 2012

The new laws out there state that you can no longer hunt on Sundays, yes, this is true. No more hunting on Sunday and no purchasing alcohol.

In the past, hunting on a Sunday was an offense that had to be paid for. The fine ranged between $7 to $25 if found guilty. Recently, there have been several bills proposed and brought to office to allow hunting to happen on Sundays, but unfortunately none of them have been passed as of yet.

Of course, the bills that were proposed only allowed hunting on Sundays on private land with the land owner’s permission. Some of the bills even went on to state that only bow and arrow hunting was able to be done on this day while on private land.

The Department of Environmental Protection has continued to support bills that allow hunting on Sundays in limited quantities. This extra day helps the state deal with the over population of deer.

The DEP commissioner is the one that states where deer hunting will be allowed to take place on Sundays. This would limit the hunting to only those areas that have high deer populations. This would be the counties of New Haven, Fairfield, and the shoreline areas.

A lot of those people that are objecting the hunting on Sundays rule is because they find hunting to be dangerous, and do not want to stay inside for fear of hunters. They want to enjoy the outdoors. A lot of them also are firmly against hunting as well.

Of course, Connecticut’s hunting record is impeccable, and bow and arrow hunting seems to be safer than gun hunting. This is because the target has to be within short range, which means they are more visible to the hunter.  Hunters that use bows also tend to shoot from above their targets, aiming towards the ground.

Massachusetts is another state that does not allow Sunday hunting, as well as five other states throughout the US. By allowing hunting on Sundays, this would open up opportunities and even introduce children to the sport of hunting.

Purchasing alcohol on Sundays has been banned since the late 1800’s, and people could have been fined anywhere from $50 to $100 from selling or purchasing it on a Sunday. Imprisonment was also an option.

A lot of people believe that both the alcohol and hunting laws on Sundays are harsh and unreasonable, and should be lifted. They have severe punishments, and everyone should be able to do as they wish since it is a free country. A lot of the laws that were made in the 1800’s have been lifted, but not all of them which include the sale of alcohol and hunting on Sundays.

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