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Posted by Northeast Archers On May - 23 - 2012

Northeast Hunting Profiles

Every once and a while we are going to profile hunters who are at different levels within the Hunting Industry. Some may be trying to break into the industry or others may already be mainstays whether its retail or film production.  We will strive to profile people from the Northeast, but if someone is doing something special we will break out of the region.  If you know or are interested in us profiling a certain someone please contact us and let us know.  Our first profile is going to be Northeast Archers. Full disclosure: I am a member of this group, and am committing some shameless self promotion. Please forgive me.



Northeast Archers consists of three members, Rob Wrobel, Jim Eden, and Chris Ward.

Where do they hunt-

Rob and Jimmy live and primarily hunt New Jersey while Chris lives and hunts in Massachusetts. We make annual trips to each other’s states. We’ve each hunted different states in the Northeast, but are hoping to start consistently hitting the many great areas we have here.

What do they hunt-

We are primarily deer hunters, but put a bow or gun in our hands and we’ll chase anything.

Rob and a Massachusetts Tom

Where to find them-


Twitter @NEArchers,



 Why should you be interested?-

Northeast Archers primarily hunt public lands in the not so glamorous hunting area of the Northeast. Like a majority of hunters in the country we scout ourselves, hang our own stands, check our own trail cameras and hunt on a budget. We have full time jobs, families, friends and all the other obligations that life offers to compete with our time in outdoors. What we produce and offer are the realist most genuine stories our talents will allow. We are getting better each and every day at telling our stories through film and words, hopefully you’ll join us on the journey.

Hunt smart and SAFE!!!!!

Jimmy Eden

Chris Ward

left to right. Jim Sr., Bob Sr., Uncle Steve, Jimmy, Chris, Pop, Rob

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