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There’s always something to say about a pioneer. That person, or business, that goes out and blazes a trail for the rest of the world to follow is worth taking note of. Lewis and Clark were pioneers. Jim Bridger was a pioneer. All those folks at Plymouth Rock, too.

Presented by High Adventure Company: The Au Sable springs from Otsego and Roscommon and then consolidates itself near Grayling before venturing forth on its long ramble home to Lake Huron. Along its tangled edges the dark forest rises deep and verdant in random stands of popple and maple and birch. Rich, young pin oaks fill the myriad patches of overgrown clearcut, along with all the other new growth that together provide habitat for the grouse that brought Betsy and me here for so many years on our annual October odyssey.

A-Way Hunting Products Bowgrunter Plus Review

Posted by admin On November - 9 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Let’s just start by making something clear: The name “Bowgrunter Plus” on A-Way’s buck grunt call is more than a little misleading. It makes you feel as though this is the perfect buck grunt to use while you’re out bow hunting.

Presented by High Adventure Company: Peter Grant turned off the road where the graveled surface ended. This spot had once been occupied by a house trailer, but the owners had long since towed it away, much to the betterment of the countryside. Now the only view was of woods in every direction.