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Website down

Posted by admin On July - 20 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Well I am trying to work on the website right now, having some issues. But I already have planned some hunting time in Maine from August 6 to 8, and not on the 9th due to some stupid law about not hunting on Sundays, which is just ridiculous! Looking forward to killing a yote this time and hunting a new wide open clear cut that we discovered a few weeks back. If you are looking for land to hunt definitely try google maps, as they seem to be updated often. It didn’t take me long to find the area we were at due to the amount of trees that were cut down and the shape of the area.

Update – Pics added

Posted by admin On July - 18 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

I did not mention before but my name is Dave and I own and run . My brother-in-law Alex will also be contributing to the website/blog as well. Pics have been added from the 2008 deer season in MA and ME. They don’t have captions yet, but will eventually. Just remember that this site is constantly a work in progress. More pics will soon be coming so check back often.

Welcome to Northeast Hunting.

Posted by admin On July - 17 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Thank you for visiting my website and blog. Over time I will be bringing you pictures and videos of my hunts, which only right now consists of coyotes and deer. I do this mostly in Maine, but I live in MAss. Right now finding time to actually hunt is a problem, but eventually I will get more and more information up for everyone to see. I love hunting so I want to share with everyone my experiences and hopefully hear from my visitors about thier hunting experiences. It’s not deer season yet, and I can hunt coyotes all year long in Maine, so hopefully soon I will have pics of upcoming yote hunting.

I usually hunt with my brother-in-law and father-in-law, and we will be sitting over a bait pile while using an electronic predator call. I definitely want to get a critter decoy to use so the yote will pay all of its attention on that. We will see what happens and I will keep everyone up to date as much as possible, thanks for stopping by!