Do you remember Redfield scopes? They were always well-priced and considered by many hunters as some of the best scopes you could put on a rifle.

The thought of ever mounting a new Redfield on a rifle seemingly disappeared after Leupold picked up the rights to the company recently. Why would one of the most expensive (and best) scope manufacturers keep a competitor alive? No doubt they would simply close down the manufacturer, many thought.

They were wrong.

Leupold, instead, announced the revival of the Redfield scope this year. The optics will still be manufactured in Oregon, giving jobs back to workers who had uncertain futures, and the quality will remain the same with some minor tweaks. Those tweaks include having Leupold engineers designing them and the scopes being built by Leupold standards and equipment.

No, the cost of a Redfield isn’t increasing to match that of Leupold, but the quality of the American-made scope remains the same. They are durable, light-weight and still as crystal clear as they were when the Redfield family still owned them.

Leupold no doubt has their hand in the manufacturing, but instead of creating the same scope they do in their own factories and slapping a Redfield name on it, Leupold is allowing the optics company to keep doing what they do best. Their cost range will be about $130 to $210, depending on the size and options on the scope, and Leupold basically picks up where that price range drops off.

Sure, you get more with a Leupold, like argon gas inside the tube and a smoother anodized finish, but the Redfield’s will feature nitrogen and a slightly coarser finish. Nitrogen has served hunters well for decades, and the more coarse finish just means there’s less time needed in polishing the product.

The new Redfield’s feature two options for sights. The first is a “four-plex,” which is a typical crosshair design, and the second is the “Accu-Range,” which allows for the scope to be used for multiple distances without changing a single setting after sighting it in.

No doubt hunters have to wonder why Leupold would, basically, cut their own sales’ throat with the introduction of a cheaper scope that has Leupold engineering with Leupold manufacturing but at a reduced cost. The answer is simple: They expect to make up for it in sheer volume. From the reports about orders at Redfield, there’s no doubt their plan is working. And why not? It’s a great scope made by a great company.

Order yours now (spend the extra $10 on the Accu-Range and you won’t likely regret it) by going here. See Redfield’s full line by going here.

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