Safety First Should be the Motto of all Hunters

Posted by admin On September - 26 - 2011

As the fall hunting seasons begin to slide into full swing and the promise of even more hunting is on the horizon, we here at Northeast Hunting want to remind everyone that it is extremely important to practice safety in all aspects of our sport.

Be it a hunt for deer, moose, birds, rabbits, bear or anything you are in the woods stalking, then the first thing you always must do is make sure to: Put on that blaze orange.

Every year there are at least a handful of stories from our area that are about accidental shootings in the woods. Early-morning and evening hours tend to decrease our ability to see clearly. That’s where the blaze orange is so important–it allows us to stand out to the human eye even in dimly-lit conditions.

A quick glance over the Northeast region’s history will showcase why taking this easy-to-do step can be a life saver. According to a review of 20 years of Vermont hunting-related shooting incidents, hunters moving into the line of fire and mistaking other hunters for game animals are two of the main reasons for shooting accidents.

Even over in New York, 94 percent of hunters who are mistaken for game are not wearing orange.

And don’t worry about a deer seeing you just because you’re wearing “bright” colors. Studies have shown that while we see a bright orange color, deer actually don’t see anything bright at all. The explanation is all very scientific, but the rundown is that deer see UV rays completely different than we do.

The orange is so bright to us because the vests absorb UV rays we can’t see. Those just happen to be the same rays that need to reflect in order for a deer to see it well.

In addition, scientists suggest that deer do indeed see color, they just can’t see red or orange like we can due to a lack of red-sensitive cone cells. They can’t distinguish red and orange from green and brown.

In states like Michigan and Wisconsin, where blaze orange is required to be worn during hunting season, deer harvests are still in the hundred thousands each year. Approximately 230,000 deer were taken during two weeks of firearm deer season in Michigan last year.

Here in the Northeast, wearing hunter’s orange is not required during archery season, but it is highly suggested. We here at Northeast Hunting wear it, and we think you should, too. Because, after all, safety comes first.

One Response to “Safety First Should be the Motto of all Hunters”

  1. arons says:

    That’s interesting about deer being semi-color blind to orange. I’ve always heard (rumors) that they see orange as bright white. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of birch trees =-)

    Thanks for the safety reminder though. Safety first is right.

    Good luck!