Schrade Radical Bear Hunter Knife Review

Posted by admin On July - 15 - 2010

For those of us who enjoy reading outdoor magazines, we’ve all likely come across an article or two of Dick Scorzafava. Not only is he a featured writer for Bear Hunter Magazine, but he’s the author of three very quality publications called “The Radical Bear Hunter,” “The Radical Bow Hunter,” and “Spies in the Deer Woods.”

But it’s not Scorzafava’s writing ability that drew our attention to him this time around. Instead, it was the knife that he’s lent his name to.

Schrade Knives, which has proven itself one of the best knife makers in the country, introduced this year the “Radical Bear Hunter” knife, which was designed and named after Scorzafava. This knife is about as good as they get when it comes to a versatile blade for use on hunting trips. It features a low-profile gut hook, which means you won’t be accidentally catching your hands on it, and a very sturdy notched thumb rest that allows for amazing control over the 440 stainless steel blade that measures 4 inches in length.

When the blade was first announced, Schrade, Old Timer and Uncle Henry President Stewart Taylor said “We are pleased to welcome Dick Scorzafava into the Schrade, Old Timer, and Uncle Henry family. His reputation as an outdoor writer and ‘radical bear hunter’ is unequaled.”

The blade’s design is readily apparent to be that of one made for dressing out a bear, which Scorzafava has plenty of practice at, and to help accomplish that it features a 4 ½ inch curved, non-slip handle.
While we didn’t have a chance to field dress a bear (we will this fall, we hope), we did run it through some paces. The blade is sturdy and designed to keep that gut hook out of your way.

The only thing that worried us about the knife was the grip. Rubber grips, in our experience, tend to be less-than-favorable when elbow deep in blood and guts. They slip and slide in your hand and, just as often as not, you end up nicking yourself when the blade slips.

Despite using water, hand soap and even some motor oil on the handle, we couldn’t get the Radical Bear Hunter’s grip to be slippery. The design is likely the reason for the surety in the grip. Not only does it simply fit perfectly into the typical hand of a full-grown man, but it has a brass pommel on both the hilt and the base of the blade. While these are no doubt included to protect your hands, it also makes for a great way to keep your hand in one place while you work with the blade.

As though getting a quality knife isn’t enough, each blade comes with a sharpening stone and a free year’s subscription to “Bear Hunting Magazine.”

Scorzafava said “I am proud to lend my name to the Radical Bear Hunter design in the Schrade/Old Timer knife line up. Schrade has been an icon in the knife industry since 1904. Their uncompromised quality and exceptional value that is built into every product is unsurpassed.”

The idea for the Radical Bear Hunter came about due to Scorzafava’s frustration with other knives on the market.

“Many had good features, but none combined them into the ideal all-in-one knife, until now,” he said.
That problem is solved, now, thanks to Scorzafava’s decision to help design one that is simply perfect for the job.

The suggested price for this blade is typically right around $40, but it can be purchased for just over $34, including free shipping, at Amazon. The blade is also available at Sears, but without the luxury of free shipping, for $26.

If you’re looking for a blade that is perfect for taking into the forest for a great season of bear hunting, then Schrade’s Radical Bear Hunter is second to none. Quite simply, for use during your bear hunt, the Radical Bear Hunter is second to none.

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