There was some troubling and even confusing quotes and new information given this week from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, also known as the MDIFW through the Bangor Daily News. What is behind the quotes and non sense? Precisely this: the allotment of ‘any deer’ permits is going to be drastically reduced down to 46%.

What is more is that the state’s head biologist on deer states that the hunters of the area and the wild life enthusiasts should not be overly concerned with this new reduction.

There are no real reasons why they are doing this, but the 46% reduction happened overnight. This means that the antlerless deer permits should actually concern everyone involved. Over the years, when was the last time that they decided to actually reduce the numbers out there this drastically, excluding this decision and the one to end all of the ‘any deer’ permits throughout the parts of Maine?

The head biologist states that people are getting the wrong idea when it comes to what is actually going on in Maine. This is not the case to use however, we are not having the wrong idea, and we are just becoming overly concerned. There is a reason why a lot of us hunters are overly concerned such as your choice to reduce permits just to see if there is a change from the past winters and making sure you’re on top of your game for more survey work. This is because the MDIFW believes that cutting down on the amount of doe that are hunted can be the answer to the deer management that might be needed in the Maine areas.

Not only this, but the hunters have also been told that the answer to deer management were the winters that have been occurring and the handing out of ‘any deer’ permits. Predators are not much of a problem in these parts of Maine, and the winters are not as harsh on the population. This gave everyone the notion that the management was being stayed on top of. Since the survey showed only 15 or less deer per square mile, this means that there are less deer than the previous years where they came in at 20 per square mile. This means that the amount of deer to be hunted should be drastically reduced for the sake of the deer in the area.

We are asked to be patient with this, and what is being done is being done for a purpose and by design. A lot of us understand that we cannot afford to keep counting the deer every year, but it can be troubling to find out that each of the herds is not doing as well as they have been throughout the years which is what we have been told. This is what makes most of Maine overly concerned with the entire project. We have to ask ourselves about the other portions of what is not living up to what it should such as the other animals in the area, the habitat, or even the severity of the weather.

3 Responses to “Should Hunters Not be Concerned with a 46% Reduction of Deer Hunting Opportunity in Maine?”

  1. mainehunter says:

    Maine is really becoming very anti doe hunting. It has been at least 2 years in Northern Maine since the state handed out a doe permit. They are really hurting themselves and all the small businesses in the communities. If you spend any time in the woods all you see are does. I don’t know where maine is coming up with there numbers but they need to really start doing a better job.

  2. wildlifewatch says:

    Maine is only hurting themselves! they need to wake up, especially in this economy. And they really need to clarify there law book. Maine will definately make you a more patient and better hunter but they really need to give the everyday hunter a few more privelages, like sunday hunting, and more doe permits.

  3. dirtman says:

    I live in Maine and am not a trophy hunter! I hunt for fun, Tradition and to feed my family. I would love to harvest a monster buck but I would also feel thrilled to be able to harvest a doe to at least put a little extra food on my families table. Wake up Maine your only hurting your own people.