I’m betting that my wife would have loved for me to get a Songbird Clear a long time ago. It seems that when I have it in my ear I have no choice but to listen to what she has to say–mostly because it sounds like she’s standing six inches away from me when she talks.

The Songbird Clear is a “sound enhancement device” that is designed simply to sharpen your ability to hear and to create clarity in the sounds around you. When it first arrived in the mail, I was skeptic, to say the least. A device that is going to magnify sound can be nothing but a pain in the neck, right? I mean, everything will be noisy once you put it in, right?


The Songbird Clear somehow manages to clarify the sounds of the things you want to hear the most–voices, television audio, songs and more, all without enhancing the ambient noise around you. It’s pretty impressive and no doubt far beyond my technological understanding. The key to it all is that it works, and well.

Quality ()

The Songbird Clear is a pretty worthwhile device, especially for a hunter. Where many products that are designed specifically with hunters in mind can cost a couple hundred bucks, the Songbird is designed for use by anybody and comes with a smaller price tag right around $120.

The construction of the device at first feels like it might be too fragile to really handle, but the truth of the matter is that I am not gentle with anything–it’s a curse of being a large man with fat sausage fingers. This thing has withstood several beatings and even got lost in my truck for four days before I found it, frozen nicely in some water that had dripped off my boot. And, guess what? It still works like the day I took it out of the package.

Reliability ()

The Songbird Clear is pretty cool in the way that it picks up a lot of little noises. I was sitting out in the woods the other day with it and it sounded like I had been invited to the dinner table with a family of squirrels.

I haven’t had any kind of experience of having the Songbird cut out or anything, but I did have a moment of feedback when I accidentally increased the volume while adjusting it in my ear. It was a lesson I only had to learn once, and I don’t place my finger near the volume while moving it. All-in-all, especially after being frozen and still working–I’d say it’s a very reliable device.

Price/Value ()

I’ll be honest when I say that I’d typically not pay $120 for a device that enhances my hearing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth every dollar. For hunters who are either easily distracted from the mundane task of sitting and listening or someone who really wants that extra edge, the Songbird Clear is a great device for the amount you pay–especially when you compare it to the other high-end sound enhancement devices on the market.

Referability ()

If you asked me what kind of sound enhancer I would suggest to you, I’d openly say the Songbird Clear and give you a list of reasons as to why it’s my top choice. This device works as advertised and better than expected, it’s cost is lower than it’s high-end competitors and it competes with anything like it I’ve ever used.

In short, if you’re looking for a sound enhancement device to use for your hunting trips or any other reason, heavily consider the Songbird Clear. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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