Stalk hunting whitetail deer is not an easy task and is a very arduous endeavor. Stalking is a hunting method employed by hunters in order to reach a distance close enough to take a shot at a deer. Although a trophy whitetail buck is an extremely shy opponent, with enough patience and practice this can be a very effective hunting method.

Stalking and hunting whitetail deer requires enough distance to see a long way. Clear cuts and open fields are best so that deer may be seen from a long distance away. Spotting scopes or binoculars are used to locate deer from an elevated position. Most deer are usually spotted bedded down or walking to another location. Always make notice of nearby structures or other memorable landmarks in order to successfully track the deer, and always remember to find the best path to approach from downwind.

When you finally have your plan of attack, you will approach the deer very quietly and slowly getting close to the trophy buck of your dreams. Another point I must make is it is also important to wear quiet hunting clothing so that the deer can not hear you, as there sense are much stronger than humans. Keep checking wind direction and make mental notes in case the wind direction changes, because you need to make sure the deer stays upwind of you. You may need to change the way you approach if the wind does change direction on you, and stay hidden as much as possible behind bushes, trees, etc.

There may be other deer around as well so always pay attention to that as well. You can not afford to spook the deer you are stalking because they will alert other deer in the area. As you close the distance between you and the deer, this hunting method becomes much more difficult, and this is why you must pay strict attention to the points I just made. Once again this includes wearing quiet hunting clothing including boots and always wear required hunter orange clothing, because you do not want to get shot!

This hunting method of stalking and hunting whitetail deer is extremely difficult, but put the time in and eventually you will gain enough experience and skill to take that trophy whitetail buck.

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