Starting on October 15, the Glastonbury Shooting Range in Connecticut is going to open their doors for even longer for those deer hunters in the area. The hours have been extended for the weekends.

This is to accommodate the deer hunters across Connecticut and help them prepare for the opening of the seasons general firearms deer hunting season. This is to begin November 16 of 2011. The range is fairly easy to get to, it is right off of Toll Gate Road in the Meshomasic State Forest.

Normally, the range is open on the weekends from 10 AM to 2 PM, and they are increasing the time limit that they are open an extra two hours, from 2 PM to 4 PM specifically for those deer hunters that have a valid 2011 firearms deer hunting permit.

Advance reservations can be made one week ahead of time when you call the Range Reservation line at 860 424 3737. If you prefer to send an email through the internet, you can do so by contacting The hunters that are requesting these extended time periods should leave their names, daytime phone number, and Conservation ID Number.

Those that walk in will be served in a first come, first serve basis, but the preference for hunters will be given to those that show valid firearms deer permits in their possession. The range is expected to stay open on most weekend days now through the end of November 2011.

This change will provide a large opportunity for the deer hunters that need to make different changes to the hunting that they do using their firearms. Finding safe places to sight their firearms is normally a difficult task for any hunters that are not part of a private hunting club, or those with an established range to work with.

The Glastonbury Shooting Range has been operating since 1980, and originally developed as a place for sportsmen to practice and sight their firearms. Throughout the years, the area has been improved and developed with different renovations.

It is now able to accommodate a large amount of recreational shooters. All of the operations through the range are funded through special allocations of the federal funds that are derived through excise taxes that are paid through purchasing sporting arms and equipment.

Through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, Connecticut then receives a certain allocation of the funds to use for operations, development, and maintenance of the public shooting ranges throughout the area.

You can get even more information about the Glastonbury Shooting Range, and what is expected of you in order to participate in the extended hours at

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