The New Hampshire Unit M Gives Special Deer Permits

Posted by admin On September - 14 - 2011

Those hunters out there in Wildlife Management Unit M in New Hampshire that want another chance to take one more additional antlerless deer than they already have during this upcoming fall hunting season, can actually go in and purchase a special permit from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department that allows them to shoot just one more antlerless deer.

During this year, there are a total of up to 4,000 hunters allowed to purchase these Special Antlerless Deer Permits for the Unit M hunting area. This is just like last year, during the time of purchase, the hunter can then opt for one of these permits with 1 deer tag that equals $13 or two deer tags that equal $26.

The places that interested hunters can purchase these permits are:

  • Over the counter at the Fish and Game headquarters located in Concord.
  • Go online and fill out the electronic form to submit.
  • Call them at 603 271 3422 to request this application for a permit by mail.

The Unit M permits are going to be issued on a first come, first served basis to those that show up and pay the $13 extra with one tag, or $26 extra with two. The hunters that would like to purchase these extra tags need to have a current New Hampshire hunting or archery license in order to purchase them.

These firearms and muzzleloader hunters are able to use the special permits on any of the days during the season that they are legally licensed to hunt in, and the archers during the hunting season can use the permit the beginning of October to mid December.

The Special Unit M Antlerless Deer Permits are not valid to be used by archers in September. This is because of a statewide requirement that antlered deer may only be taken by bow and arrow in September.

Youth hunters are actually eligible to buy these Unit M permits. These permits have been issued before in New Hampshire ever since 1997. They are one of the biggest, and long term objectives being done that outlines the state’s Big Game Management Plan.

This is to reduce the deer numbers that are in southeastern New Hampshire. This is to sustain the regional herd health, and to minimize any deer to human conflicts that happen such as collisions with vehicles and destructive browsing of ornamental and agricultural plants.

The high human densities around hunting areas and the associated levels of development in southeastern New Hampshire result in the greater potential for deer to human conflicts in the area, and this can complicate the deer population control efforts.

You can find more information, and the specific boundaries for Unit M when you visit

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