There is a new tree stand in town, the Millennium L220 that stands 18 feet tall and is a double ladder tree stand. It is coated with a durable powder coat and designed specifically for your comfort and safety.

The seats on the tree stand are able to hold two people comfortably and make it easier for you to enjoy your hunting. You can sit alone, or share this wonderful experience of the great outdoors with someone else sitting right next to you.

The shooting rails are completely adjustable, as well as the folding foot rests to give you comfort, as well as confidence while shooting. Getting perfect aim because of how you can position yourself in the tree stand.

This is a follow up of the L200, and has a lot of additions and perfections when it comes to two person hunts. All of the standard features of the L200 are in the L220, but they have increased the size of the platform and made the seats fold up and from ComfortTech for the best comfort while sitting up in the tree for long periods of time.

When seasons change, a lot of times it is harder to conceal yourself and your stand since there is less foliage to cover you, and the game will eventually become more wary by the end of the day. Having the height adjuster on the stand can help you adapt to these changes.

All that has to be done is the removal of the ladder sections to change the height from 7 feet to 18 feet and so on. There is a double rail ridge and an easy to climb ladder with steel construction there is no noise while setting up and adjusting so you can make sure their little ears do not hear you coming.

You can also make sure you’re safety is a priority with the stabilizing strap and the full body harness that is TMA certified. This will allow you to feel secure and safe throughout your days of hunting.

You can make sure you’re right on top of everything during your hunt with the Millennium L220 Tree Stand. They have a lot more information about this wonderful stand at their website, and you can even order from them at

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