Tick Twister is a Great Idea

Posted by admin On May - 24 - 2010

There simply is no better time of year to test out a product called the Tick Twister than spring. And an even better place to test it couldn’t be found than Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

On a recent trip through the Upper Peninsula, we spent time wandering through the woods in search of Morel mushrooms and hitting some streams for some outstanding trout fishing. We even found a few holes that hadn’t seen a hook in years, let alone been fished to death by sportsmen like so many streams have been in recent years.

But during our time in the woods we also had the opportunity to find ourselves the source of many meals for wood ticks. These little buggers are everywhere up there. Not that they are in short supply in any of our Northeastern states, but the Upper Peninsula seems to specialize in breeding them.

They were on our legs. In our hair. On our clothes. On the dog. In places that, frankly, shouldn’t be discussed on the World Wide Web.

Thankfully we were thoughtful enough to bring along the Tick Twister. This little device, which can be purchased here, makes removing these dastardly little blood suckers a synch.

The process is simple: You get the forks of the Tick Twister under the head of the tick and you twist it. The tick pops right out and is yours to do with as you please (don’t bother flushing them down the toilet as they can swim).

What’s even more impressive is how easily they remove ticks off a dog, which is usually a lot more difficult than off a person. Our dog didn’t even notice we were removing ticks off him as he stood there looking around rather indifferently.

Not only did it pull off wood ticks without a problem, but there were three deer ticks on us at various times, too, and it removed them with ease as well. That’s quite the feat, considering how small they are.

There are two different kinds to consider: One consists of two twisters of various sizes for deer ticks and wood ticks. The other, called the Tick Twister Pro, is a single twister that is capable of getting both size ticks off of you. We used both kinds and were more impressed with the Pro just for the fact that we didn’t have to use two different sizes to do the same job.

The Tick Twister got instantly tucked inside our field kit. We’re not going anywhere without it now, especially in the spring and summer months. The cost is minimal when you consider just how much pain in the… uh, neck… you’ll save by using the Tick Twister.

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