Turkey Hunting Success Can Be Just One Call Away

Posted by admin On March - 31 - 2011

There’s no doubt about it–turkeys are a ton smarter than they look.

This particular wild bird is a wary quarry to attempt to bring down, and they’re even tougher to hunt in the spring when they’re wary and easily spooked.

The key to hunting spring turkeys isn’t just a single aspect of the hunt. Sportsmen have to scout, position themselves correctly and must camouflage themselves.

But a critical piece of the puzzle is definitely the turkey call. From a simple cluck to an assembly call, mastering a variety of sounds can mean the difference between putting food on the table and going home empty handed.

The best way to learn these calls, which can be replicated with various mouth calls, boxes and air calls, is to listen to the actual sound the bird makes. Since you’re probably not going to be heading out into the woods to integrate yourself into a flock of turkeys anytime soon, you can find a great resource on the National Wild Turkey Federation website that has several different recorded calls from live turkeys. Listen to them and then try to emulate them with your respective call. And, of course, remember that practice makes perfect.

And when it comes to selecting your turkey call this year, you’re going to have a ton to pick from. Our favorites tend to be our friends over at Quaker Boy. We’ve yet to use a call from them that was anything but fantastic, and you’re hard pressed to find a higher quality call that isn’t a custom piece.

The best part about Quaker Boy is that they don’t just focus on one kind of call. They have everything from wood box calls to strikers and slate to tube calls and diaphragms.

Last year, one of our writers at Northeast Hunting had the pleasure of taking a turkey while using Quaker Boy as his call of choice. We have no doubt that you, too, can find the same kind of success using a high-quality call and using live turkey calls to the best of your ability.

And, of course, remember that the biggest key of all when hunting the wild turkey is patience.

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