Update – Pics added

Posted by admin On July - 18 - 2009

I did not mention before but my name is Dave and I own and run NortheastHunting.com . My brother-in-law Alex will also be contributing to the website/blog as well. Pics have been added from the 2008 deer season in MA and ME. They don’t have captions yet, but will eventually. Just remember that this site is constantly a work in progress. More pics will soon be coming so check back often.

Other notes: In Maine I hunt with a Remington SPS Tactical rifle chambered in .308 and I shoot Federal Gold Medal Match ammo, 168 grain bullet. I attached a Bushnel scope, 5-15x 40 that sits on top of a 20 MOA canted base. I also have a Harris bi-pod that I use with it. I also have an older 16 guage double barrel side by side shot gun. I have been struggling to find camo to use with my rifle, but I am about to try a synthetic ghillie wrap. After I put it on the way I want it I will let you know how it turns out.


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