After the final analyzing of the hunting and harvesting from the 2010 deer hunting season was calculated and finalized by the biologists that work with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, they are calling last year’s overall hunting season a big success for those hunters.

During the last year including all four seasons of hunting deer, there were a total of over 15,000 deer. This was a number that was within the 2010 to 2020 Big Game Management Plan that estimated the total deer to be somewhere around 14,000 to 18,000 deer each year to hunt.

The deer harvest has increased two percent over the last year, and in all four of the hunting seasons combined, the hunters have brought home close to one million pounds of wild deer meat which totals over 4 million meals for families in the area.

This is one of the most significant increases in hunting and the amount of meat taken home by the hunters over the years. When reviewing the 2010 hunting seasons, and then thinking of the upcoming 2011 season, it will be one of the hottest topics for discussion during the hearings that are being held through the state of Vermont.

There are a number of hearings being held at different locations and at different times so everyone is able to stop by and make it to one if they are curious to learn more about the hunting in the state.

The over 15,000 harvest includes close to 3,000 deer of both sexes that were taken by bow, and close to 2,000 during the youth hunting season that only lasted a weekend, 6,500 antlered bucks that were taken by rifle in the November season, and close to 4,500 bucks and does during the season of muzzleloader hunting. These hearings will include in depth talks about the total amount of deer taken during this time, and the hunting seasons that are coming up. There are going to be 5 hearings in total on this subject.

There is a detailed report on a PDF file that allows you to see the 2010 hunting season more closely with more accurate figures on the bucks and does hunted, and with what weapon and during what season they were taken. This information is posted on the website for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife website or

The success of deer hunting relies on many different factors and variables. This is because a lot of hunters will talk during and after the seasons on what they took and what they missed, but gaining the information that they have really comes from understanding the ins and outs of the seasons. This way they can determine and analyze the harvest numbers just like they did for the 2010 hunting season.

These totals for the 2010 hunting season indicate that Vermont does indeed, have a healthy and even robust herd of deer and the estimates that Vermont came up with total around 120,000 to 130,000 or more deer in Vermont at the end of the hunting season. This means more full and satisfying hunting seasons for the years to come.

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