Vermont Government Against Opening Muzzle Loading Season

Posted by admin On July - 19 - 2011

The Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin states that he is pleased with the vote given unanimously on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board. They came to the conclusion that they are against opening up a new muzzle loading hunting season against the deer in the area in October.

Shumlin once again commented on Thursday about the vote on Wednesday night. He stated that allowing hunters to hunt deer with firearms in October would be ‘an extraordinarily bad idea for the area.’ He didn’t go forward to claim anything else during this time. He just wanted to let everyone know that it was not going to happen, and he was happy with the results.

The Fish and Wildlife biologists initially recommended this change, but the department in Vermont pulled back from the idea after the public showed a strong opposition towards it. This also brought along a great 2010 hunting season in Vermont for the deer of the area.

This was supposed to have culled enough of the young deer and female deer from the herd and the woods. Of course, this was ‘supposed’ to have happened, and actually might not have.

The white tail deer in the area are smart, and they become much harder to hunt in the November season once they have already been introduced to firearms just a month before. This can make it difficult for any hunter to get where they need to be when it comes to hunting for these white tail deer. They are not going to be able to outsmart them in the end.

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