Vermont Announces 2011 Moose Hunting Permit Winners

Posted by admin On August - 3 - 2011

Excitement was no doubt in the air for the folks who were on hand for last week’s 2011 Vermont moose lottery drawing.

Hunters gathered in Montpelier to find out who would be the lucky 455 winners out of the more than 12,600 lottery applications for the coveted permits. On hand were Gov. Peter Shumlin and Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry. The drawing was picked randomly by a computer-generated selection process.

“Today’s lottery drawing helps celebrate one of Vermont’s successes in science-based wildlife management,” said State Wildlife Biologist Cedric Alexander. “Vermont’s first moose hunt was in 1993, when 25 moose were taken with 30 permits issued. We expect about 250 moose will be taken this fall in a carefully regulated hunt.”

This year was a little different than years prior, however, as the first five permits being drawn were part of a “special priority drawing,” which was designed for applicants who have received, or are eligible to receive, a campaign ribbon for Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. There were 123 applications submitted for the special drawing.

The unsuccessful applicants from the Iraqi-Afghanistan drawing were included in the larger regular drawing that followed. All applicants for both drawings who did not receive a permit were awarded a bonus point to improve their chances in future moose permit lotteries.

A separate lottery was held for 50 moose permits to be used in Vermont’s new archery moose hunting season.

Winners in this year’s moose hunting lottery are posted in a searchable database on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website. Click on “Hunting and Trapping” and then on “Lottery Applications and Winners.”

Lottery winners will purchase resident hunting permits for $100 and nonresident permits for $350.

2 Responses to “Vermont Announces 2011 Moose Hunting Permit Winners”

  1. jacob bordeau says:

    My family has been putting in for a moose for over 25 years and is yet to get a permit. Just think about all that money just my family has given to the state of V.T. It is a joke. No more we will just go and get one to get back all money they put in. Its at least worth a moose or two !!!!!!!

  2. jacob bordeau says:

    I just saw the names of the winners of the moose hunts.. What a joke there was three people in the same family that all got moose permits. don’t tell me its not fixed. We put in at least 3 4 app. every year at so much a pop for over 25 years and still have not got one. I know people who got one two or three times in two years. I guess its who you know or who you BLOW !!!!!!!!! F@$% VT.