Vermont Notches Safest Hunting Season Yet

Posted by admin On April - 20 - 2011

It’s always nice to know that if you decide to go hunting that you’re not going to have to worry about getting yourself shot by someone who isn’t trained, experienced or careful.

In Vermont, those fears should pretty much be put to rest after a great 2010 hunting season has come and gone. According to the folks over at the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, the state’s 2010 hunting seasons were the safest on record. Yup—that means since they started keeping track of who shoots who out in the woods.

That doesn’t mean everything was absolutely perfect. The state officials noted that, in total, there were two minor hunting-related shootings last year. Of course, you have to sit back and consider that there were more than 80,000 licensed hunters who, combined, spent millions of hours with loaded weapons out in the field. Two minor injuries? That’s not too shabby.

In fact, the state has already determined that the two injuries were caused by simple carelessness (which goes to show that being careful is always important in the woods): One hunter was resting the muzzle of his firearm on his toe when it went off. The other was lowering a loaded firearm from a tree stand when it decided it had enough and fired. Either of these incidents are great examples of things you never, ever do with a loaded weapon. Ever.

The state’s hunter education coordinator, Christopher Saunders, noted that Vermont’s hunters should be proud. This, he said, was the eighth year over the course of the past decade that there have been five or fewer hunting-related shootings.

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