WeaponCLP is Everything it Claims to Be

Posted by admin On May - 18 - 2010

In this day and age, it’s not often that you’re able to come across a product that does exactly what it says. Slicing? Dicing? Cutting french fries in nine different shapes?

While Centerfire’s WeaponCLP doesn’t claim to do any of that, it does make claims to be a cleaner, lubricator and preservative that is ecologically friendly and contains a low odor.

After receiving a sample of the product, I put it right to work with a .22 that was in need of some good workup. The process is simple for the multi-faceted product. Just put a few drops on a clean, dry cloth and start wiping down your weapon. Any light dirt, dust and residue is picked right up by the cleaner. I used the WeaponCLP on the action, trigger, safety and more.

I was pretty impressed with the product right away, noting with interest that it picked up some old oil that was on the trigger guard.

I opened the chamber, cleaning as I went, and then used the cloth to wipe down the entirety of the gun as well as the stock.

A gun that had been sitting for almost a decade shined as though I cleaned it every day. Every action was smooth, clean and perfect.

While I was completely impressed with the lubrication of this product, I was doubly impressed with the lack of an odor. There was a faint smell, especially when working with it for quite sometime because of the need for lubrication the .22 needed, but compared to other products on the market this was practically free of scent.

To say I am going to be using Centerfire’s WeaponCLP in the future is an understatement. I already took the time to clean, lubricate and protect my two favorite rifles and my muzzleloader. Since I have plenty more rifles, shotguns and other weapons that need my regular maintenance, I fully expect that CLP is going to end up on my permanent shelf as the go-to cleaner, lubricant and protection for all of them.

For a mere $8, you can get 4 ounces of this stuff. Believe me, that’s plenty to last you quite awhile. If you’d rather be safe, you can double that for just $14 or a three pack of 4 ounce bottles for $22. All of them are available on Centerfire’s website by going here.

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