Website down

Posted by admin On July - 20 - 2009

Well I am trying to work on the website right now, having some issues. But I already have planned some hunting time in Maine from August 6 to 8, and not on the 9th due to some stupid law about not hunting on Sundays, which is just ridiculous! Looking forward to killing a yote this time and hunting a new wide open clear cut that we discovered a few weeks back. If you are looking for land to hunt definitely try google maps, as they seem to be updated often. It didn’t take me long to find the area we were at due to the amount of trees that were cut down and the shape of the area.

We recently purchased a new jeep wrangler for driving up and around the mountains so we don’t f up all our new vehicles. It needs some work at the moment but should be ready by that time to go hunting. I also have some deer photos from 2008 that I mentioned before that I will post here on the blog instead of in a seperate photos section. For now that will be much easier for me. When I have video I will be posting it on the blog as well.


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