Albino Moose is Hunted Down and Taken in Vermont

Posted by admin On July - 8 - 2011

Going off of what was previously said in the last post, there has clearly been no more talk of the moose, so we have to bring it up again to give you a bit of a recap on what happened.

Plus, you wanted more information on what exactly an albino moose is and how it came about. So here is a recap, and update of the albino moose story.

The details of this journey and story are not entirely clear about the hunt or even the hunter of the hunt since no one is giving full information about it. It is however, a pretty interesting thing to hear about since not too many of these moose are thought about or even spotted throughout the hunting season, so this is why it is one of the better topics out there.

It seems as if a very rare, albino colored moose was hunted and taken during the 2010 hunting season in Vermont. There are videos and stories about the moose all over the news stations, and many people flock to get a glimpse of this rare beauty. I wonder how much it would be to have the moose stuffed and kept as a souvenir.

The director of wildlife at the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department estimates that there are only a couple of the moose in Vermont alone, and that they are one of the extreme rare cases where this happens in the genetics. This is something that they should be proud of overall and there is no harm done by having the moose taken from the wild.

Only about 1 in 100,000 is a true albino when it comes to the moose race state a lot of scientists, so this makes this occurrence even rarer. This is one of the moose that seem to be wholly and truly an albino because there is no pigmentation throughout its skin, and its eyes and feet are pink instead of their traditional colors.

What exactly is an albino moose? An albino moose occurs when there is a mutation in the genes of the moose. This changes the pigmentation of the moose. It will have white fur, red eyes, and red coloring in the hooves. This is something that does not happen often with humans or animals, but it can happen nevertheless.

They didn’t know that they were hunting an albino moose, but were surprised to find that they did.

The hunter that claimed this trophy does not want their name or identity out still to this day. The moose however, seems to be getting a lot more attention than the hunter thought it would and seems to be only around 2 and a half years old. This is truly one of those rare finds.

Yes, they did keep a souvenir from this truly one of a kind moose.

One Response to “Albino Moose is Hunted Down and Taken in Vermont”

  1. L.C. says:

    I understand why the hunter wants to remain anonymous – he is ashamed of himself for so cruelly hunting down a natural wonder; and a baby at that no less!And he ought to be ashamed of himself! How can anyone say that there is “no harm” in removing it from the wild; it is rare – hello! There is no harm in hunting down an animal for food and warmth; but as a “trophy”? -c’mon, your giving real hunters a BAD name. Quit hunting with your nuts and start hunting with gut!