In Hancock County in Maine, two cousins ages 15 and 12 got lost in the woods behind their home. All of the cops, K9 units, and Warden Services were out looking for the girls when one of the K9 units finally found the girls.

The Maine Warden Service that is a part of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that were brought in to look for the girls with the other search and rescue teams with the K9 units. They are now being asked, or told rather to pick up the costs for finding the girls.

They are basically outdoor sportsmen that are funded by the permits and licenses for hunting and fishing that now have to come up with the money for the mission at hand.

The lack of funds to provide the MDIFW with what they need has been complained about for years because without these funds, they are not able to do their jobs effectively. They are one of the most underfunded departments out there. A lot of the money that they are receiving is being spent on programs and events that are non game.

Since they have to cover the costs of the search and rescue, this drains any and all funds that they once had. This means that they cannot bounce back and reimburse themselves. This results in the sportsmen suffering because of it.

There is somewhere that the department can go to seek reimbursement for this type of search and rescue mission, but pay outs are rarely ever seen. Everyone in Maine is excited to know that both of the girls are safe and back home.

The department did a wonderful job searching for and finding the girls and should be reimbursed for their good work, but the money that people are paying for the wildlife and the game species is not actually going towards that. This could make people upset in the long run since it is going towards other things out there. There should be a better way to pay for these types of things.

General taxes should be enough to cover the amount that is owed to the Maine Warden Service through the Department of Law Enforcement. When this service looks for fishermen, hunters, and trappers then they can pay through this department.

The State Police might even be able to pay for these services through their department and the money that they are receiving for search and rescue missions.

Using 10 wardens, airplanes, and their dogs to search for many hours can be one expensive adventure alone. If the search lasts for days, just think of how expensive that would be. This should be paid for by the general taxes and not through other means from other departments.

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